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Airbnb Management Tips for Clients and Hosts

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Shortly after the night curfew in Kenya was listed on 20th October 2021, a number of Airbnb hosts asked what the future holds for Airbnb – or ‘bnb’ as it’s commonly referred to in Kenya. The article concludes that for hosts, it is all about how you position your product in terms of services you provide, the location it is situated and the price at which you offer those services.

Thereafter, we featured another article discussing the reasons why Kenyans are struggling with the Airbnb business. You can find out these reasons here.

Recently, we followed up with another exciting feature article on why everyone is rushing to set up Airbnb side hustle.

In the article below, our real estate expert, Morris Aron discusses Airbnb management tips for clients and hosts.


When a client calls to say that they intend to use a particular space, that space is preserved. Any other enquiry is cancelled. Meaning that if the client doesn’t show up, it is a loss for the day. If as a client you have to book a space, please do so and confirm by making a payment deposit.
Also to the client, note that in the event of a cancellation, the deposit made is not returned. Here is why. When you book a place, all other enquiries are cancelled and when you don’t show up, it is a loss to the host.

To avoid losses as a host, go with the principle of first come first served especially with a payment done.

Messy clients

Some clients are a bit messy. They leave the house in a terrible state. Stained carpets, blocked sinks and toilets, messed sheets.

As a client, always bear in mind that it is business. That the host will have to bear the cost of cleaning after you leave. Be mindful. Practice decorum. As much as possible, leave the house in the same state you found it.

As a host, take all the details of the clients for follow up. If the house is beyond normal standards, the client should be asked to pay for the cost of cleaning that is over and above normal cleaning in an honest and sincere way.
Have CCTV cameras at the right places.

Breakages and thefts

Furnishing an Airbnb takes resources. As a client, any breakages or thefts are borne by the client. As a client, simple decorum and mindfulness go a long way to avoid such mishaps. In the event they happen due to unavoidable circumstances like an honest accident, let the host know and offer a middle ground. Don’t check out like a thief in the middle of the night.

As a host, always have full details of the client. Have a check-in list and a set of house rules well displayed in the property for the client to know what to abide by and the repercussions of any thefts or breakages.

Also, always work closely with the security and cleaners to ensure everything is OK at the time of checking out. As much as possible, be present when a client is checking out, go through the checklist with the client before they check out.

Again, have CCTV cameras at the right places.


Most clients know that they need to pay for the hosting services. For a good measure, most clients pay. But there are those who sometimes get caught up in something and cannot pay as they had planned. A sudden issue with the bank, theft or loss of money or just some unforeseen unfortunate incident.

As a client, communicate this in good time, offer a solution or a plan. Be honest and amicable with the host. And stick to the agreed payment plan.

As a host, have all the details of the client including where they work, their next of kin etc. All details that will ensure follow up in the event you need to follow up for payment or even involve the police.

Noisy clients

Some level of noise is always expected. But not too much as shouting at 3 am or very loud music. As a client, just like where you stay, there’s a level of noise that is not tolerated. If in a camping site or an excluded space, such noise can be allowed.

As a client, simple decorum will ensure you avoid issues with the neighbours. Also, note that the host can through you out if the noise is unbearable.

As a host, if the noise is overbearing, a simple courteous knock on the door and a polite request that the noise is turned down is mostly enough. Have CCTV cameras at the right places.

Clients who live young ones unattended

Sometimes clients check in with young ones. Responsible clients will always ensure they are attended to. Some irresponsible ones can leave them unattended. As far as possible, ensure the safety of the young ones then try all you can to reach the adult clients.

Explain to them that this is a problem and that there can be serious consequences if reported to the authorities. Mostly they’ll realize their mistakes and attend to the young ones. It’s possible that they sneaked out for a quick fling and did not intend to stay long.

As a host, for the utterly irresponsible ones, report if they are not complying with your request to tend to their your ones. If they were to stay for a few days more, cancel their stay.

We must note that most clients for most of the time are responsible adults who observe hours rules and stay decently when hosted. The rules are for the few who deviate.

And yes, always have your phone on and fully charged either as a client or as a host.

The author is the director and a real estate enthusiast at Property & Discounts Ltd

Whatsapp: 0733877380
Web: https://www.propertydiscounts.co.ke/

Twitter: @PropertyDKe

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