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Ajira Digital Programme can help you earn money online

Kenya’s freelance (gig) economy is set for growth as demand for online work intensifies.

Despite the lowered revenue and reduced job opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for online part-time jobs is growing compared to full-time employment.

“In five years, 8 to 5 jobs will no longer be an option, and freelancing will be the new normal since it has proven to be cost-effective and fast, young people should see this as a big opportunity and seek training, especially with the Ajira program,” said Ehud Gachugu, Head of Ajira Digital Program at Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA).

Ajira Digital Program is a Government of Kenya initiative driven by the Ministry of ICT, Innovations and Youth Affairs to empower over one million young people yearly to access digital job opportunities.

“At the Ajira Digital Program, in the last three months about 18,000 young people accessed digitaL jobs, through our 19 local and international partners, and the trend is set to increase going forward as we target to get one million Kenyans to access to online freelance jobs,” said Gachugu.

This Program offers youth free virtual training and mentorship in various areas including Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Interpretation & Transcribing, Virtual Assistance, and Online Writing.

“…The AJIRA Digital program has transformed my life, the skills that I acquired during their training sessions helped me realise my potential; any other youth can benefit from the same. I urge all Kenyan youth to register for the free online training on the AJIRA Website…”, said Philippa Mary Omolo, AJIRA Digital Alumni.

There are unlimited opportunities in the gig economy. Sectors such as the Media, ICT, Judiciary, Parliament, Healthcare, Education, Finance, blue-collar are providing online work.

All you need is a laptop or a smartphone. Then, follow the Ajira Digital Programme registration link bit.ly/30IIPd6 to sign up for free virtual training often on Zoom and WhatsApp.

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