Beyonce revises album to remove slur and Kelis sample

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The move comes after American singer Kelis called the sample “theft.”

Beyoncé has updated her latest album, Renaissance, in response to criticism from fans and the pop star Kelis. Kelis’s hit “Milkshake” has since disappeared from the album, after the singer complained she had not given permission for its use.

The “la la la” hook from “Milkshake” was originally used in the background of Beyoncé’s song “Energy”. Those vocals have now been erased from the mix.

Additionally, the song “Heated” has received a lyrical update, removing a slur that is often used to demean people with spastic cerebral palsy. In place of the so-called “s-word”, Beyoncé now sings “blast”. Beyonce is not the only musician to change lyrics after criticism, last month, Lizzo was forced to remove the same slur from her song “Grrrls” after fans complained.

The updates happened on streaming services including Spotify, Tidal and Apple just five days after Renaissance was released.

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