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KCB Group Posts KShs. 40.8 Billion in FY 2022 Net Profit, Balance Sheet Crosses KShs. 1.5 Trillion Mark

KCB Group PLC recorded KShs.40.8 billion in profit after tax for the full year ending December 2022 on higher funded and non-funded income streams. This was a 19.5% rise in profitability from KShs.34.2 billion reported in 2021, KCB said on Wednesday during the release of the financials. The profit before tax contribution of other subsidiaries excluding KCB Bank Kenya increased to 17.0% (up from 13.9% in 2021), riding on organic growth and increased scale in the businesses. Key Figures & Indicators Parameter2021FY2022FYChangePATKShs.34.2 billionKShs.40.8 billion19.5%RevenuesKShs.108.6 billionKShs.129.9billion19.6%CostsKShs.47.8 billionKShs.59.4 billion24.1%Total AssetsKShs.1.14 trillionKShs.1.55 trillion36.4%Customer LoansKShs.675 billionKShs.863 billion27.8%Customer DepositsKShs.837 billionKShs.1.135 trillion35.6% Commentary—KCB Group CEO Paul Russo...

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