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Fred Ngatia: I am one of those lawyers not on any social media – who’s he?

Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia was before the Judicial Service Commission on 20th April 2021 for an interview. He is one of the candidates seeking to fill the position of Chief Justice in Kenya.

In his remarks, he mentioned he is not on social media. “I am one of those lawyers not on any social media platforms.”

“I prefer the solace of myself than being in social circles”

Erin A. Vogel, PhD, a social psychologist who studies social media and its effects on well-being, says that while social media use is associated with some (infrequently publicised) positive effects, there are several areas of concern that might warrant caution around over-use.

“One is lower self-esteem; when people use social media, they compare themselves to unrealistic versions of other people,” she says.

She further said: “We’re not necessarily lying about who we are or what we’re doing on social media, but we’re not telling the full story of our lives, either—we’re presenting highlight reels. And when other people see our profiles and compare their real lives to our kind of idealized versions of our lives, they can feel bad about themselves as a result.”

By being out of social media platforms, Fred Ngatia maybe be enjoying some psychological benefits.

“Being disconnected from the highlight reels of other people’s lives can be really helpful in helping us feel better about ourselves and about our own lives,” said Vogel.

Who is Fred Ngatia?

Fred Ngatia is 64 years old. He is a senior counsel with two Masters degrees and an aggregate of 41 years of experience.

Ngatia is a seasoned lawyer who has handled some of the biggest and landmark cases in the country. One is the case that resulted in the abolition of the mandatory death sentence.

He was the lead counsel for President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 and twice in 2017 when his election victory was challenged, winning twice and losing once.

He has achieved top honours, accolades and almost everything a lawyer would wish to fulfil in a lifetime except being a judge.

In 2019, he was ranked the top lawyer in dispute resolution by the Global Chambers.

He is now seeking to be the country’s next Chief Justice and Judge of the Supreme Court.

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