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Is 5G the Cause of COVID-19?

First of all, what is 5G? The very basis of 5G systems and services is its ability to enable faster upload and download speeds through the use of a wider radio spectrum for mobile internet. In other words, it is an improvement of the already existing 4G network which for instance is available in several major towns in Kenya courtesy of Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel, Jamii Telecoms among others.

Image: Progression of Network Technology
Source: New Update Online

The leading global authority on non-ionizing radiation, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) has found no linkage between 5G and COVID-19. Other world-renowned bodies such as the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research and Cancer (IARC) and Health Protection Agency (HPA) have not found 5G to be harmful hence commercial deployments around the world.

The Secretary-General of the African Telecommunications Union Mr John Omo has spoken on myths linking 5G Technology to Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Video: Is 5G the Cause of COVID-19? ATU Secretary General Mr. John Omo Debunks the Myths
Source: YouTube

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