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Is Xiaomi’s 200W charger that tops up Mi 11 Pro in just 8 minutes a route to disaster?

Xiaomi has escalated fast-charging wars with the rivals by announcing a charger that fires 200W to top up Mi 11 Pro smartphone in eight minutes.

Xiaomi announced on Twitter to show off its latest fast wired and wireless charging developments.

The test used a custom-built Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000 mAh battery instead of the 5,000 mAh cell on the regular model charging at 200W with wires and 120W without.

New world records

The results were more than impressed with the wired HyperCharge solution getting the phone to 100% in a mere 8 minutes while the wireless charger only needed 7 more minutes.

The HyperCharger took only 44-seconds to get the battery from 0 to 10%, followed by 50% in three minutes and finally a full 100% charge in just eight minutes.


A specialist timing gear on the side showed the actual wattage going into the Mi 11 Pro in real-time, but power fluctuated between 15W and 198W.

This technology may not be available for Xiaomi phone coming your way any time soon because battery degradation from charging at these hyperspeeds will certainly be a big obstacle to overcome.

“5w charger make my battery last almost 4 years,anything above that value destroys them rapidly let alone their funny GaN chargers and other crap”, said an online user commenting on the announcement.

Another oberved: “It will not retain 50% in 2 years.”

Other concerns include high temperatures and the risk of fire and explosion.

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