Podcast: Tania Ngima speaks about her family and work at DijITali

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We recently had a conversation with Tania Ngima, the Managing Director of DijITali at Digital Divide Data about her family, career and the impact of her work on the Kenyan youths and SMEs.

She reveals the place of her family in her life, career and why she is very keen on the digital capabilities of cybercafes (Digital centres) in rural Kenya where they are the drivers of digital inclusion.

Tania discusses how the pandemic affected cybercafes and how tools such as capacity building and asset financing are helping these youth-led businesses expand and create employment for young people.

The 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow, is highly skilled in finance and strategy and has 20 years’ recognized experience in leadership, strategy execution, corporate governance, innovation and SME restructuring within East Africa.

In the same year, Tania was appointed to represent Clark Atlanta University during the US Presidential Summit in Washington DC at the close of her Fellowship and has since spoken at various finance, fintech, innovation and leadership summits in East Africa and the US.

Listen in:

Audio: Tania Ngima

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