Samsung, Safaricom Allows Making Video Calls in Kenya

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Yes, you read it right. You can make video calls straight from your phone dial, as you saw in the movies, without using any conventional video call App.

It feels like something high-tech and far in the future, but it is easy and doable. Since the telephone was invented many years ago, humans have used the device to talk to distant relatives, lovers, friends and enemies alike. The telephone allowed you to send your voice and listen back to audio feedback.

The telephone evolved to fax machine which allowed one to send text over a long distance. Evolution has it that now we have a mobile phone, so small and sleek compared to the old big and wired gadgets.

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Too slow

In fact, until decades ago, telephones were used to dial up for internet connect. Speeds were too slow you would wait to load a 2kb icon for minutes, suicidal today.

Less of the old stuff… Today’s phones, smartphones, allow you to do many amazing things that would have sounded alien 20 years ago.

One of this amazing features is making video calls. How can I call someone without using an App like WhatsApp or Google Duo? You ask.


It is easy. All you need to have is a 4G enabled Smartphone, a Safaricom 4G SIM card, be in a 4G area and a few set up on your phone. NOTE: The recipient of your call must also meet these conditions to enable both of you to enjoy video calls.

Several smartphones models such as the latest models of Samsung A series and Nokia have been tested and seen to be capable of making video calls.

For the purpose of illustrating how to make video calls without an App, we use an example of Samsung Galaxy A30.

Steps to make Video Call

1. Activate VoLTE on your 4G Safaricom line by Dialing *100#, reply with the number beside “Products & Services“, then reply with number beside “VoLTE”, then reply with option 3 “Enable/Disable VoLTE on SIM Card” and finally reply with 1 “Activate VoLTE“. After successfully activating VoLTE on your SIM Card, an icon VoLTE will appear besides the network bars.

Screenshot: Activation of VoLTE
Source: Kenyan News Trends writer

2. Go to your phone settings, then Connections, then Mobile Networks, then turn on “VoLTE calls SIM 1” (Assuming you have the Safaricom line on SIM 1″

Screenshot: Samsung A30 Settings
Source: Kenyan News Trends writer

3. Make sure you have airtime or you have purchased calling minutes. (Making Video calls on Safaricom network are charged the same as a voice call per minute, may change with time, be sure by checking current calling rates).

4. Dial the Safaricom number to make a Video call and hit the video icon as shown below, when promoted to select the SIM to place the call, select SIM 1 (Assuming Safaricom line is in SIM 1 slot). You can also browse your contact list for the specific contact to video call Remember: The recipient of your call must also meet these conditions set above.

Screenshot: Samsung A30 phone dial
Source: Kenyan News Trends writer

5. Enjoy your video call as long as your airtime or purchased minutes lasts

Image: Video call on a Samsung Phone (Modified by writer)
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6. For other countries check instructions from your mobile phone service providers. It is more or less the same process and experience.

There you have it. You can now make calls straight from your phone dial.