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See what DP Ruto said about ‘Deep State’ and Wheelbarrows for handouts

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Deputy President William Ruto has said that he does not know of the so-called ‘Deep State’ and ‘System’, which have been thrown around lately as major influencers of the 2022 General Election outcome.

The DP, who is seeking the country’s top seat next year under his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party, told Inooro TV on Tuesday that such talk is just unfounded, and as the DP he would know if it existed.

“Hii kitu inaitwa ‘Deep State’ sijui ‘System’, mimi ndiye naibu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya. Kama kungekuwa na deep state na system mimi ndio ningejua,” said Ruto.

He further dismissed talks of the ‘System’ as just sideshows meant to distract his presidential bid, claiming that if it really existed, UDA would not have swept victories in recent by-elections in the country.

“Kama kungekuwa na deep state na system amabayo inaweza kufanya mambo ya uchaguzi, uchaguzi yetu ya 2017 haingebadilishwa na korti hata ingawaje tulishinda. Hatungeshinda Msambweni, Juja na Kiambaa,” stated the DP.

Ruto claimed that his opponents are just riding on talk about a purported ‘Deep State’ adding that he is sure his opponents will soon spin the narrative and slam him for something new.

“Walikuwa wanatangaza William Ruto hawezi kufika kwa ballot… handshake wakasema huwezi shindana na serikali, tuliwashinda Msambweni, Juja, Kiambaa. Sasa wamehamisha tena wanasema William Ruto atashinda lakini ‘deep state’ na ‘system’ hawawezi kumtangaza,” said Ruto.

“Mwisho utaskia hawa watu, baada ya sisi kuwashinda kwenye uchaguzi na tuchukue serikali, watapindua tena waseme William Ruto na UDA hawawezi kupata round two,” he added.


Deputy President William Ruto now says he has never promised anyone a wheelbarrow which is his party symbol.

Ruto says the wheelbarrow is “just symbol” for his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

“I have never promised anyone that I will give Kenyans the wheelbarrow. This is a party symbol,” he said in the interview.

Ruto has been popularising UDA and the wheelbarrow in various forums and was on several occasions seen giving out wheelbarrows to “hustlers” youths at his official Karen residence and other parts of the country.

But during the interview, he challenged his competitors whose parties have various symbols to be serious in their criticism.

“Some parties have a lion (Ford Kenya), Orange (Orange Democratic Movement), umbrella (Wiper Party) among others, do they give out lions or oranges to their supporters,” he posed in the interview as he defended his party symbol.

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