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Silaha Mtaani exposé reveals how Kenya Police help criminals – DCI Responds

An exposé, #SilahaMtaani, aired by a local television station on Sunday revealed how Kenyan Police officers rent out guns, handcuffs and police uniforms to criminals.

In mindblowing accounts, undercover journalist Purity Mwambia detailed how it was so easy for criminals to rent guns from police from as low as Sh5,000 for a pistol to Sh10,000 for an AK47 without a magazine.

“We were also able to rent new police uniforms for one thousand shillings… We were also able to buy bullets outside GSU Nairobi headquarters… one bullet we got for one thousand shillings,” narrated Mwambia.

The exposé #SilahaMtaani further reveals how easy one can access handcaffs from police.

“We travelled to Njoro where one officer agreed to rent us handcuffs… We spent only one thousand. We had to return them after 24 hours…”

“We met another officer from Embakasi at Matopeni station, Ruai. For 2 thousand shillings, we were rented uniforms of AP officers.”

Arms from Ethiopia

The undercove report also shows that some firearm comes as far as Ethipia border and find their way to Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi, to commit crime.

“We found out that the officers buy guns at the Kenya-Ethiopia border and smuggle them to Nairobi… AK 47 costs 80-200K… The police who run this business make a profit… We were able to get 2 guns, which is a pity”

The exposé immediately troubled Kenyans who posted their reaction on social media, most expressing their fears.

Kenya launches Sh4 billion firearms factory

This exposé comes days after President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled a firearms factory located at Ruiru, Kiambu County.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said the ammunition plant shall manufacture small arms, with plans to expand to midrange firearm production in the next five years. The President said the plant has already shipped 12,000 assault rifles.

“I’m hopeful that Kenya would, in the next five years, be in a position to supply all security agencies with locally produced small arms,” said President Uhuru.

Plans are already underway to expand another ammunition plant in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County.

DCI Clarifies

A day after the exposé the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) called a press conference to shed light on matter.

“The firearm, handcuffs could have come from us, but you could have given us an opportunity to investigate to find out which station, security agency they came from and if we collaborated together, it would have been a well-done job” said George Kinoti.

“AK47 is a prohibited firearm & should not be with civilians. Kenyans should help us ensure these firearms are completely eliminated from the wrong hands. Those who had possession of these firearms are the ones who know where they came from”

In his remarks, Kinoti said the guns exposé amounts to abuse of media freedom and was aimed at humiliating National Police Service.

“The report seemed to be a malicious attempt to discredit the National Police Service; we can only conclude that it was aimed at creating public pandemonium over the management of the security sector,” said Kinoti.

Kinoti urged the media and the public to report any criminals with firearms or engaging in suspicious activities. He further said when one encounters such information they should inform DCI.

“We have been employed to ensure no criminal has a firearm. If we refuse to cooperate with you, then go ahead & document. That was very risky. We can do features with journalists.”

“I was never approached to collaborate in this kind of operation. This was a fantastic job. My only concern is what if something could have happened to those journalists? If it could have turned tragic,” said Kinoti.

Last year, DCI launched a tollfree hotline for reporting cases as it enhances its war on crime. You can now anonymously report a crime to the DCI using the hotline number 0800722203.

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