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Morris Aron

How to ensure steady flow of clients into your #Airbnb in the low season – #ad

By MORRIS ARON If you are an airbnb host like we are, the biggest nightmare that keeps us all awake is not getting clients for days on end. This means that bills will be pilling up and there’s no income. You...

Airbnb Management Tips for Clients and Hosts

Our real estate expert, Morris Aron discusses Airbnb management tips for clients and hosts.

Why everyone is rushing to set up Airbnb side hustle

In the typical Kenyan 'Herd Investing Mentality', everyone is rushing to set up Airbnb Side Hustle. For example, a good number of TSAVO residences and the same like-minded buildings have been converted into Airbnb. This is good given the way the...

Reasons why Kenyans are struggling with Airbnb business

By Morris Aron In Kenya, what we call Airbnb is a mix of investment options all lumped together into one, and in varying proportions. Currently, the first option below is what everyone who is looking for an opportunity to make...

Will the lifting of curfew spell death on Airbnb uptake?

A number of hosts are asking what the future holds for Airbnb - or bnb as it's commonly referred to in Kenya. Morris Aron, the director and a real estate enthusiast at Property & Discounts Ltd, holds a very...
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Tsavo Heritage Foundation, Sarova Hotels & Government partner For Tsavo Conservation

In an effort to conserve the Tsavo, Sarova Hotels and Resorts has joined hands with the Tsavo Heritage Foundation...
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