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Three key things to consider when buying a new family car

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Kenyans are known for the urban to rural migration every Easter and Christmas holidays as well as before a general election. This movement of people en-mass spikes the fares, leaving many families stranded at bus stations.

However, trouble does not end with you getting the bus ticket for your family to travel. You worry about your baggage going missing and the high possibility of getting pickpocketed in between as you try to scramble to enter the only bus available at that time.

But you could be one of the lucky fellow Kenyans who owns a small car.

Available data from the United States, the average person spends 101 minutes a day in a car as it is a crucial element of their daily life. In Kenya, the convenience of owning a family car is huge.

As you prepare to buy your next family car, here are a few things to consider.

1. Buy Brand New

Car experts advise new family car owners to go for brand new vehicles despite the availability of cheaper second-hand cars.

The advantages of buying brand new include; buying a car with the latest technology and safety features, a car with a good warranty and free service and, of course, you get better financing options.

On the contrary, second-hand cars rarely do they come with a warranty, they cost you more to insure and have already depreciated a great deal before you buy them which means you will frequent the garage as soon as the first month of ownership.

In Kenya, several dealers sell brand new cars such as CFAO Motors Kenya Limited, formerly Toyota Kenya, which recently announced a brand-new Toyota Rumion.

The dealer offers the key benefit of buying a brand-new car including a five-year warranty or 150,000 Km – whichever comes first, vehicle check-ups during service intervals which come after every 10,000km as well as discounts on parts and service.

2 Safety Features

There is no one else in this world who can replace your family. The safety of your family is your top priority when considering your next family car.

Default safety features such as Automatic Braking Systems, Airbags, Safety Belts, Anticollision features, and lane departure assist, just to name a few must be in your next car.

For example, the Toyota Rumion comes with Anti-Lock Braking System, Parking Sensors, EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) and dual front airbags, Seat belt sensors, engine immobilizer, remote central locking, child safety lock, rear wiper and defogger, front and rear fog lamps.

3. Practical Car

It defeats common sense to buy a family car with less than 5 seats, small boot space, and a small underpowered engine.

An ideal family car should be a seven-seater with a big boot space and good ground clearance to manage the bad roads to the village and at least a 1500cc engine to clear hilly roads with ease whilst consuming conservatively so as not to dent your pocket.

The Toyota Rumion is one of the best practical zero-millage family cars you can in Kenya today.

This car has a boot space of 310 L. It has a very good minimum ground clearance of 180mm above the recommended 165mm clearance for Kenyan Roads.

It comes in two petrol engine options 1496 CC or 1797 CC. The Rumion has a torque of 138 rpm, NM @4400, and power of 103 bhp at 6000rpm.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 50L to give you those extra miles on a full tank. The 1500cc Rumion will give you an average fuel consumption of 17km/L.

When you finally get your family car, remember to regularly service the car and keep it in good shape, and it will serve you well.

Bonus Point

You do not need to break a bank to own a brand-new family car. You can enjoy the benefits of a brand new family vehicle, such as the Toyota Rumion, thanks to the availability of bank financing with affordable installment repayments offered by major banks and financial institutions.

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