Will the lifting of curfew spell death on Airbnb uptake?

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A number of hosts are asking what the future holds for Airbnb – or bnb as it’s commonly referred to in Kenya.

Morris Aron, the director and a real estate enthusiast at Property & Discounts Ltd, holds a very bullish view.

Here’s why:

  • Bnbs are in the essential products and services. It is in the category of housing, hospitality which is a basic need in this day and age. After eating and wining, you need a place to sleep.
  • While the traditional hotel as a concept has waned, it is not coming back. Not in the dominant form as it was. The industry missed the airbnb tsunami and did not transform in time. Airbnb is here to stay.
  • Curfew or no curfew, people need a place to sleep in. Either because of a short impromptu visit or as a vacation or just to chill. Airbnb provides a better option compared to the traditional hotel. What the curfew did was enhance the adoption of airbnb in Kenya. The curfew just set airbnb in motion.
  • Covid: Covid has been both a promoter and a deterrent. A promoter because people need their own safe space to hang out with friends. A deterrent especially in the case of travel a lerts.

What are the biggest threats to Airbnb?

  • Oversupply: Every Kenyan is now looking to set up an airbnb. While airbnb supply has not reached fever pitch, in some locations, it is approaching the tipping point in terms of supply
  • Quality service provision: Clients choose airbnbs for the quality service it gives. If service provision is watered down, that reduces up take
  • Pricing: Like all service provisions, the price has to be just right to match demand. Pricing Airbnb above affordability will not increase uptake.

Going forward, what holds?

  • For hosts, it is all about how you position your product in terms of services you provide, the location it is situated and the price at which you offer those services.
  • Above all, as an essential service in the hospitality industry, your product has to be known. Put advertising in the same manner you rate quality service.

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